Central Oregon Gives is the region’s center for nonprofit giving at the end of each year. It’s a digital giving platform for donors to learn about their communities’ nonprofits and donate to the nonprofit of their choosing and with each donation, the donor receives a gift. Last year, 80 nonprofits were selected to participate in the end-of-year giving and they topped $1 million in donations. 

We love seeing our community come together for the greater good, and we are so pleased to hear that the Central Oregon Gives program in total has raised $3 million for more than 80 nonprofits over the past four years. Community members can choose to donate to nonprofits working in Animal Welfare, Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, Education, Family & Children and Health & Environment. 

Here are a few of the nonprofits in each category –

Companion Animal Medical Project (CAMP) in the Animal Welfare category and their mission is to ease the burden of those experiencing homelessness or facing financial hardships and to provide veterinary care and supplies to their companion animals. 

The High Desert Museum, a nonprofit in the Arts & Culture category and an educational and cultural resource for Central Oregon.

Cascade Youth & Family Center, a nonprofit in the Basic Needs category, which has a shelter and programs for youth experiencing homelessness. 

Every Child Central Oregon, a nonprofit in the Education, Family & Children category working to improve the mental health affects placement issues can create in foster care. 

The Environmental Center, a nonprofit in the Health & Environment Category working on environmental education, engagement, climate action and to incorporate sustainability in Central Oregon. 

This program has a unique model in which community members donate a certain amount to a nonprofit of their choice and receive a thank you gift from a local sponsor. With every donation of $25 or more, donors received thank you gifts from Avid Cider, Backporch Coffee Roasters, Barre3, Boneyard Beer, High Desert Museum, Old Mill District and many others. 

As a community, we can all work together to create positive change and we are already seeing that happen. Programs like Central Oregon Gives are what makes our community a great place to live, work and play.

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