At the start of this month, local nonprofit organization Haelen House was forced to cancel its annual primary educational and awareness building event, the Healing Trauma Conference. Haelen House is dedicated to healing the root cause and effects of trauma, creating health, resilience and wholeness. With May being National Trauma Awareness Month, their planned conference was the perfect way to help people recognize the repercussions of trauma of all kinds. 


Understanding the importance of this cause, Brooks Resources committed to be a sponsor of the conference, which ended up being held as a virtual event. Despite the ability of digital technology to keep us all connected, we lose a certain amount of energy and connection when we are unable to meet in person. It just isn’t quite the same. Perhaps none have been so affected as nonprofits attempting to educate and fundraise with scheduled events. 


We’re happy to report that there’s a silver lining when it comes to the Healing Trauma Conference! Anyone can register for one low price – at any time – and still access the valuable conference resources. And these resources may be in high demand right now. 


Trauma is more widespread than you may imagine. According to the Haelen House, “Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s nervous system and ability to cope.  Whether a one-time or ongoing event, it can diminish a person’s ability to have healthy emotions and experiences.” Many are feeling overwhelmed by the global crisis, its direct impact on daily life and the uncertainty surrounding our future reality. The sessions included in the digital conference contain valuable information for navigating all kinds of trauma. 


In addition to its flagship conference, Haelen House offers a wide range of treatments, services and resources for those suffering from the effects of trauma. With a personalized approach to healing, they use “complementary and alternative healing modalities in conjunction with traditional healing therapies” to help people recover. More people are affected that you might think, and that number is rising – right now. Donate today to help Haelen House achieve its important mission. 


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