Yarrow, a new mixed-use development in east Madras, today announced that it has received approval from the City of Madras Planning Commission on its first tentative plan application. The tentative plan includes the first two phases of the community.

“Receiving approval on these first phases marks an important milestone in Yarrow’s development process,” said Cameron Craig, project manager for Yarrow. “Now we are ready to begin building the first neighborhood areas that will define this unique community for the future.”

At completion, Yarrow will have approximately 1,700 total dwellings, which will incorporate a mixture of styles, sizes and home types. Yarrow plans to build out the community over the next 15 years. Initial construction on the development is expected to begin in mid-October, with homesites for sale in spring of 2007.

The new community of Yarrow, situated on 900 acres on the east side of Madras, will be a vibrant collection of neighborhoods incorporating neotraditional design principles. Madras Land Development Company, a joint venture of Brooks Resources Corporation, Eagle Crest and Taylor Northwest, is developing the property. Plans for the community include a variety of housing sizes and types, mixed-use area with retail amenities, pedestrian friendly streets and walkways, and a public golf course. At completion, the project will have approximately 1500-1700 single-family homes, and 100-200 multi-family units. To find out more, call 541-475-7966 or visit the Yarrow real estate website.

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