Celebrate Bend Foundation and Brooks Resources Corporation today announced ArtMatch, a $500,000 matching gift program to purchase and install art on public property within the Bend city limits. Brooks Resources has committed to match up to $500,000 in private or public donations over the next four years. The Celebrate Bend Foundation board of directors kicked off ArtMatch by donating $10,000, the program’s first donation. The program has the potential to raise $1 million for new public art before the close of 2010.

Mike Hollern, chairman of Brooks Resources Corporation, said, “Establishing this matching gift program was a natural for Brooks, which has always been committed to bringing arts and culture to Bend. We view this first donation from the Celebrate Bend Foundation’s board as a call to both public and private organizations and individuals to join the effort to fund public art.”

ArtMatch is the result of a collaboration between Brooks Resources Corporation, Celebrate Bend Foundation, Art in Public Places and the Art, Beautification and Culture Commission. Celebrate Bend Foundation, 501(c)(3), will receive the donations and matching gifts and manage the funds, which will in turn be used to purchase public art selected by Art in Public Places. The Art, Beautification and Culture Commission will manage a public site selection process for the new art.

Cate O’Hagan, board member of Art in Public Places, said, “ArtMatch, established by Brooks Resources, is by far one of the largest and most important commitments ever received for public art in Bend. The matching element of the program serves as an incentive for individuals and organizations to join in the effort to expand the presence of art in our town. In a few short years, the impact will be evident, and we, as Bend residents, will be the lucky beneficiaries.” Click this link to see a City Edition video segment on ArtMatch.

Those interested in contributing to the ArtMatch fund should contact the treasurer of Celebrate Bend Foundation, Chris Telfer, at [email protected]. The Art, Beautification and Culture Commission will be seeking public input on potential sites for the art installations. Those interested in commenting may contact Chairman David Quiros at [email protected]. Art in Public Places incorporates a public comment phase into its art selection process. Interested individuals should watch for future announcements.

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