IronHorse Development LLC, Kim Kambak and the City of Prineville have successfully reached a settlement regarding the Outline Development Plan for the new IronHorse community in Prineville. After the City’s approval of the Plan last January, Kambak filed an appeal due to concerns over defining the boundaries of local landmark, Barnes Butte. Throughout the approval process, both parties have worked together to create a reasonable solution and the appeal withdrawal, effective August 4, 2006, illustrates the success of these efforts.

“We are happy to have resolved this appeal. I believe the quality of the master plan has only been improved through this resolution, and that the community of Prineville will be the primary beneficiary,” said Randy Jones, project manager for IronHorse. “I applaud both the appellant and the City for looking very critically at long-range planning which is an important consideration for all of us.”

The settlement includes an agreement with the City of Prineville to complete a natural resource inventory process on Barnes Butte, including identification of uses, geographic area delineation and an analysis of resource usage. Additionally, the City will be scheduling hearings for its Comprehensive Plan and facilitate formal planning communication between all concerned parties

Robb Corbett, city manager for the City of Prineville, said, “We are very pleased about the amicable settlement that has been reached. We have spent several months working with both IronHorse Development, LLC, and Ms. Kambak to develop a method for resolving issues related to the IronHorse project, as well as the ways and means of evaluating and inventorying the scenic and cultural values of Barnes Butte.”

Brooks Resources Corporation will also play a role in subsequent activities by serving as a positive force in educating new community members about the value of natural resources how they contribute to livability in Prineville. Kambak has agreed not to initiate or support any further appeals on this issue, as long as future phases remain consistent with the original master plan approval.

“It is very important to me that Barnes Butte be protected and I hope that my involvement has prompted policies that will ensure the preservation of the county’s natural resources,” said Kim Kambak. “I do believe Brooks Resources is mindful of what Barnes Butte means to this community and that it behooves them to ensure the Butte’s natural beauty will be enjoyed for generations to come. I know their development will be a benefit to our community and I am pleased to have worked through this appeal with them.”

IronHorse, a mixed-use community located in Prineville, Oregon, has been designed as a natural extension of the existing historic area. This unique neighborhood brings together the very best of traditional neighborhood developments across the West, while recognizing the need for quality, sustainable and self-supportive growth in Prineville. IronHorse includes a variety of residential housing options, a public school, a neighborhood commercial center, and more than 300 acres of parks and open spaces. IronHorse is being developed by Brooks Resources Corporation, a company known for its thoughtful, quality real estate developments in Central Oregon and its true dedication to the area’s heritage. For more information, visit the IronHorse real estate website.

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