Outgoing Chair of the Oregon State University Board of Trustees Kirk Schueler, receives a framed resolution in appreciation from OSU president Jayathi Murthy (left) and incoming Chair Román Hernandez (right).

After 10 years of dedicated service, Kirk Schueler, President and CEO of Brooks Resources, bids farewell to his role as a trustee of the Board of Trustees at Oregon State University (OSU), where he has reached the imposed term limit.

During his tenure he served as the Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee, Vice Chair of the Board, and over the last three and a half years as Chair of the Board. In his roles, Schueler, who was appointed by Oregon governor Kitzhaber, drew on his strong leadership skills, vision, and commitment to furthering the institution’s mission. Schueler embodied these qualities throughout his tenure, leaving an indelible mark on OSU’s trajectory.

Schueler’s journey with OSU’s Board of Trustees began with a belief in the value of higher education. As a trustee, he brought with him a wealth of experience as President of Brooks Resources and other key roles in business and community leadership, enriching the board’s discussions with valuable insights and strategic perspectives.

Schueler has played a pivotal role in steering OSU through various challenges and opportunities. His unwavering dedication to the university’s mission ensured that decisions were made with the best interests of students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and the citizens of Oregon. From financial planning to campus development initiatives to recruiting two new university presidents, Schueler’s strategic guidance helped position OSU as a leading institution in education and research. 

Referring to his role as a trustee, Schueler said he considers his biggest challenge to have been the time when former president Alexander stepped down after only seven months due to a controversy that arose during his previous role as President of LSU. He said that his ensuing role in the hiring of the current president, Jayathi Murthy, was his biggest success.

We applaud and thank Kirk for his service to higher education. His commitment reflects the company culture at Brooks Resources, which encourages and supports the team’s vast community involvement and philanthropic efforts, for this is how we strengthen our communities and educational institutions far into the future.

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