We are excited to shine a spotlight on BendFilm as it celebrates two decades of independent cinema excellence. This upcoming October, the 20th Annual Bend Film Festival promises to transform Bend into a bustling film industry hub, presenting the outstanding creations of talented independent filmmakers from all around Central Oregon.

In 2003, Brooks Resources Corporation planted the seeds of what would evolve into one of the region’s most cherished events. Our unwavering commitment to fostering the arts and nurturing Central Oregon’s vibrant culture inspired us to play a pivotal role in establishing BendFilm. Recognizing the untapped potential of independent cinema in this picturesque locale, we embarked on a journey to bring this dream to life.

From its humble beginnings, BendFilm has flourished, becoming a premier showcase for filmmakers, storytellers and cinema enthusiasts alike. Year after year, the festival curates an exceptional selection of independent films that challenge norms, stimulate dialogue and encourage audiences to see the world from fresh perspectives.

You can support BendFilm and celebrate the start of the season at the Festival Kick-Off event on September 15. 

As we celebrate two decades of BendFilm this October, we invite you to join us in commemorating this remarkable achievement. It’s a fantastic opportunity to come together, celebrate our shared love for independent cinema and contribute to the future of BendFilm.

Let’s unite in our ongoing support of BendFilm, its dedication to independent cinema, and its lasting impact on our community. Together, we can ensure that the enchanting power of storytelling through film continues to enrich lives, amplify diverse voices and inspire change in Central Oregon and far beyond.

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