– By Hannah Clawson

Hannah Clawson, Summer Intern

This summer, I worked as a marketing intern at Brooks Resources Corporation, a real estate development company in my hometown of Bend, Oregon. Going into this position, I didn’t know much about what real estate development entailed and thus what my job would consist of. Luckily for me, I met some great mentors along the way, and was able to work hard this summer and learn a lot.

Real estate development is about building communities. Rather than single homes and businesses, Brooks Resources looks at neighborhoods and communities as a whole. It goes beyond one family and their home, and delves into the positive change that can be brought by building safe and inclusive places for people to live and interact. The primary community that Brooks Resources is building at this time, and thus what the bulk of my work supported, is called Discovery West.

Creating a neighborhood consists of many moving parts, so my projects this summer included writing blog posts, making housing applications large-print accessible, reviewing and sending commercials to be ran on our local news outlet, and constantly updating and reviewing our interactive sales map. I delivered checks, sat in on legal meetings, met with local government officials, and coordinated photo shoots.

Out of all of this, the project that I am most proud of is the series of videos that I helped produce with the Discovery West marketing team. At the beginning of the summer, my supervisor and I set a goal of planning and creating several videos that would highlight different aspects of life in Discovery West. Our first video emphasized the different uses of personal outdoor spaces from current neighborhood residents. On my end of things, the creation of this video consisted of reviewing scripts, coordinating with residents, communicating with the videographer, picking up thank you gifts for our residents, and planning a production schedule.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/AHrGwKhDaxc

This project, and producing the video series as a whole, taught me a lot about all of the little things that need to come together to make video shoots successful. Not only do resident models have to agree to the shoot, they also need release forms and appreciate a thankful gesture. Not only do videographers have to be scheduled, they need a script and production schedule ahead of time, and require certain weather conditions. This project taught me a lot about the importance of being willing to work on your toes and be flexible at a moment’s notice. It’s important to communicate with those around you as much as possible, and this willingness to embrace teamwork is what makes projects like this successful.

Overall, my experience this summer as a marketing intern at Brooks Resources this summer was invaluable. Not only was I able to learn more about what a career in marketing looks and feels like, but I was also able to pick out which aspects I liked best, and which I will prioritize when searching for my future career. Thanks to my supervisors and mentors, I was able to learn so much about the world of real estate, the development of communities, and how so many different facets of a city come together to create beautiful places for people to live and thrive. I am very grateful for this experience, and I know it will guide me into a career that I can love and grow with.

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