If you’ve driven through a roundabout, you’ve likely seen some of the work completed by nonprofit organization Art in Public Places. With a mission of enhancing the cultural environment of Bend, Oregon, the group facilitates the selection and placement of accessible, high-caliber art throughout our community. What better time to shine a spotlight on Art in Public Places (AiPP) than when the organization is in the middle of collecting community input for a new piece of public art?

Right now, AiPP is seeking public input for a new art installation that will appear in Alpenglow Community Park, a new 37-acre park under construction on Bend’s southeast side, near Caldera High School. Three pieces of art are being considered and models can be viewed at the Bend Public Library through the end of this week, and then will be on display at the Larkspur Community Center from January 31-February 7. You can view them in person, or visit the website link to view images of the proposed art sculptures and easily provide your input via email.


This process for selecting public art is typical for the organization, which focuses on introducing a wide range of artistic styles and concepts throughout the community. Before the art goes out for public input, several elements are considered including level of artistic excellence, interactivity, innovative qualities, originality, durability and the ability to enhance a particular natural landscape or enliven a specific public space. The organization calls for submissions from artists who have experience with public art and reside in the western and southwestern U.S.

Founded in 1973, Art in Public Places is funded by the Bend Foundation, the Be Part of Art campaign, and private donations. The overarching goal of AiPP is to continue to grow Bend’s collection of public art in real and meaningful ways, transforming the city into a destination for art appreciators everywhere. The AiPP board includes Brooks Resources’ VP of Sales & Marketing, Romy Mortensen, along with other area residents Sue Hollern, Jody Ward, Cristy Lanfri, René Mitchell, Sandy Cummings and Dana Whitelaw.



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