It’s Earth Month, so what better time to spotlight a champion for sustainability in Central Oregon – The Environmental Center. An integral part of our community for the past three decades, The Environmental Center has worked hard to bring education about key environmental issues, as well as provide opportunities for people to engage and take action.

Along with many other ongoing programs, the organization is providing multiple screening opportunities this month of the film “Microplastic Madness.” The film is an “optimistic look” at plastic pollution, telling the story of a group of Brooklyn elementary school children who advocate to eliminate single-use plastic. It includes expert commentary and is meant to inspire action toward a more sustainable future in schools and beyond. To wrap up the screenings and celebrate Earth Day, The Environmental Center will host a live Q&A about the film on April 22.

This is just one example of the advocacy that this organization participates in to benefit Central Oregon’s future. Programs are offered to help individuals and companies learn how to reduce energy consumption, reduce the generation of waste, educate young people about sustainability (including school garden programs), and push for change at the legislative level. 


Right now, The Environmental Center’s Eco Central Campaign is quietly underway. This capital campaign is raising money to directly address the impact that Central Oregon’s massive growth will have on our region’s future. “This campaign is about shaping the future of our community and planet through education, advocacy and collaboration – all from a new, planned permanent facility that will be a community hub for action.”


If you’re looking to support this organization’s important work in Central Oregon, there are many ways to contribute, from volunteering to donating. If you are looking for ways to celebrate Earth Month, The Environmental Center has rounded up a few activities on its website – including virtual events to replace the canceled Earth Day Parade. 

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