Nonprofit organizations in our community are working overtime during this time of crisis, and we are proud to support many different causes in Central Oregon including The Bethlehem Inn. Homelessness is on the rise locally and nationwide, and many of these people are particularly vulnerable when it comes to health concerns surrounding the pandemic. The Bethlehem Inn, which provides shelter and meals for this population, is taking care when it comes to COVID-19 safety.

The Bethlehem Inn depends on the support of the community so that it can continue to provide a warm, safe place to sleep, food and other core services for the homeless. The organization is what is referred to as a “high barrier” facility, ensuring that the people it serves are sober and working toward goals for bettering their situation, with the help of a comprehensive case management program. Some of the people that have been helped have shared their stories here.

There are several ways to support the organization’s mission. Cash donations go toward providing food and shelter for an average of 150 people every night. In-kind donations can be made by appointment, such as dropping of clothing or other goods, and people can visit the Amazon Wish Page for specific needs. While the shelter’s volunteer program has temporarily been suspended due to current regulations and restrictions, they will again seek help in the form of volunteerism when things are back to “normal.” This can include everything from short two-hour front desk shifts, to helping prepare and serve meals.

Many experts are predicting that homelessness will continue to be a rising challenge into 2021, especially as rent moratoriums put in place due to COVID-19 start to expire across the nation and in Oregon. The Bethlehem Inn will serve as a lifeline for affected individuals and families. In fact, the need in the Central Oregon community is so great, that the shelter is looking to expand to Redmond in the future and seeking grant money to do so.

We are proud to support The Bethlehem Inn!

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