The current COVID-19 crisis has affected all aspects of our community, including the rescheduling of major events and activities. For nonprofit organizations in our region, cancelling or revamping their major fundraising events has a dramatic impact on their ability to serve Central Oregon. This month, The Kids Center was planning to host its Healing Hearts Luncheon, of which Brooks Resources was a presenting level sponsor. The Kids Center decided to move the event to a virtual campaign concept


We’ve been long-time supporters of The KIDS Center for many reasons. They provide much-needed services for families and children with a “medical model child abuse intervention center.” They not only provide medical exams for children, but also important support services to help reduce stressors that may be contributing to abusive situations. These key programs are complemented by therapeutic services, prevention programs and community education. 


According to the New York Times and CBS News, abuse and violence are on the rise amid the COVID-19 crisis, as people are confined to their homes. While these are international stories, it’s not a stretch to imagine that this is happening a little closer to home, making the KIDS Center’s services all the more important during this stressful time. In fact, the organization has stated it clearly: “Did you know that during this COVID-19 pandemic, kids in our community are at a higher risk to experience child abuse? Increased life stressors and the ‘stay at home’ orders make it more difficult for child abuse to be identified.” Without the funds from one of their major fundraisers, the nonprofit could end up in a tough situation in continuing to provide community services. 


In order for The KIDS Center to continue serving the children and families who need them most, we believe that we must do all we can to help. Even though we aren’t able to come together in person during their planned “Healing Hearts Luncheon” to raise awareness of child abuse and the vital funds needed to prevent, evaluate, and treat those who experience it, you can still make a difference.We’re asking you to join us in supporting KIDS Center and protect kids in our community with a gift today. Visit to donate!


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