Employee Spotlight

Rick Hayes, Project Manager

As part of our 50th Anniversary this year, we’ve asked each team member to share some information about themselves so we can learn a little bit more about each person at Brooks Resources. Rick is our newest employee so this is a great excuse to  get to know him a little better…


Q.What project are you working on right now?

A. My primary focus is the District 2 East project, a cluster of five buildings totaling over 52,000 sf.  I am also working on the Discovery West project and will increase my time in that project in 2020.  There is a lot going on right now and a lot of awesome progress in the business development side of BRC, so interesting projects are on the horizon as well.


Q. What’s an average day for you at the office?

A. Working at my computer, either standing or sitting, most of the day with time also spent in project planning meetings.  I also enjoy getting to know my new co-workers. They are all really great people. District 2 East will become my primary focus and with Discovery West beginning construction, I do see more time required being on those two project sites. 


Q. What positions have you held at BRC over the years?

A. I started on July 1 as a new hire and have never previously worked for BRC.


Q.How many years have you worked at BRC?

A. Depending on when this post comes out in reference to my July 1 start date, that’s either 0 or a very small fraction. I look forward to a long career at BRC and being an active participant in the organization’s growth and development.


Q. What project(s) are you most proud of at BRC?

A. As an outsider but new hire to BRC, I am very proud of NorthWest Crossing as a master-planned community. Good job David!


Q. What else have you done/places you’ve worked during your career?

A. I have worked for Hoffman Construction, managed design through construction of public projects, developed subdivisions, built high end residential projects, and owned two businesses.


Q. What gets you up in the morning? What motives you?

A. My wife when she raises the blinds and says “Good morning sunshine!” My wife. Actually, my family motivates me. I enjoy work and achieving, but it is important in my life to set the tone and direction for my family and for my kids to look back and say “He was a pretty good guy and dad.”


Q. What’s the last book you read?

A. Bad Blood, the Theranos story. Simply unbelievable but true.


Q. Who would you have to dinner (living or deceased)?

A. The Obama’s.


Q. What non-profits are you involved with or support?

A. I am the Board chair for the KOR Community Land Trust that emphasizes affordable and attainable home ownership by taking the cost of the land out of the home ownership equation. The homes are also highly energy efficient with a goal of Net Zero for energy use and pursue cost effective construction and a sense of community utilizing the City’s Cottage code. There is a special density bonus for affordable housing, so it is a great fit.


Q. Words/Quote to live by?

A. “Envision, create, and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.” – Tony Hsieh


Q. Where were you born?

A. Pomona, California


Q. Do you have a favorite beer, kombucha or cider from Central Oregon?

A. Boneyard RPM IPA is my happy place.  I visit on evenings and weekends.


Q. If you had four free hours of time, how would you spend it?

A. Playing guitar/piano, listening to music or planning a trip.  I love music and usually have music on whenever possible.  I am building out a camper van and like to think about where we could take it for a long weekend.



About Rick:

Rick Hayes, Project Manager

With over 20 years of construction leadership experience, Rick has worked in residential development, commercial development, engineering, land acquisition and architectural review. Most recently, Rick served as the Vice President of Strategic Operations for Visionary Homes, a company he founded with his wife Lynnanne in 2003. Rick also served as a senior project manager for Central Oregon Community College for five years and oversaw construction of the new COCC residence hall. In his new role at Brooks Resources, Rick assists in managing the construction of infrastructure in development projects, as well as managing vertical construction of commercial building projects. As the company’s Project Manager, Rick ensures project timeliness, manage budgets and work with various contractors, municipalities and the rest of the Brooks Resources team. Hayes has been in Bend since 1992 and has a B.S. in Construction Engineering Management from Oregon State University and an MBA from Washington State University. He has been a certified Project Management Professional, Registered Engineer and Sustainable Buildings Advisor. He serves as the board president for Kôr Community Land Trust and was a member of the OSU-Cascades Sustainability Advisory Committee.



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