The Tree Farm is a proposed new development located just west of Bend’s city limits. This stunning new development will feature 50 2-acre homesites clustered together, with the remaining land dedicated as open space. In addition to over 400 acres of open space, the community will feature a trail system that conveniently connects with existing trails from Bend’s city limits and in US Forest Service land. Neighboring Shevlin Park and Tumalo Creek are unique amenities easily accessible by Tree Farm residents.

Partners in The Tree Farm LLC include the Miller family which has owned and managed the land since 1955, and West Bend Property Company 2, a partnership between Brooks Resources Corporation, Tennant Developments, and real estate consultants Kirk Schueler and Ron White.

We are currently in the land use process with Deschutes County, with the hearing scheduled for November 20th. Meanwhile, we have launched a new website for The Tree Farm. The website will give more detail about the plans for this exciting new community, along with development updates and a site map of the proposed homesites. Parties interested in receiving updates and more information about The Tree Farm are encouraged to sign up on the The Tree Farm website’s contact page to be added to our database.

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