New book entitled “Unsprawl: Remixing Spaces as Places” focuses on communities that demonstrate sustainable urbanism

NorthWest Crossing, a mixed-use neighborhood on Bend’s west side, is featured in a brand-new book by Simmons Buntin and Ken Pirie called Unsprawl: Remixing Spaces as Places. The book, released last month by Planetizen Press, highlights twelve communities that were developed as innovative alternatives to urban sprawl. NorthWest Crossing was included in the book as an example of a new community that highlights the essence of good urban design while also creating a sense of place and an economically-successful result for the developers, West Bend Property Company.

Ken Pirie who contributed to the book, works for the landscape architecture and urban planning firm Walker Macy, who continue to work on the NorthWest Crossing master plan. He noted, “NorthWest Crossing was a perfect fit as a case study for this book. As a new neighborhood, the vision had to overcome challenges with city zoning, as well as respect the natural features that are such an integral part of the Bend community today. The result is a neighborhood that provides new urban growth in a seamless extension to Bend, avoiding sprawl, which helps to protect the backdrop of natural areas that enrich daily life in Central Oregon.

The new book addresses the unsustainable, auto-centric, environmentally-damaging ways in which new suburban communities have been built over the last half-century and the challenges this presents for our quality of life. NorthWest Crossing is one of a dozen case studies from throughout North America that are examined in Unsprawl to reveal successful strategies “employed to introduce new patterns of development into a regulatory, cultural and financial landscape” in order to help to discourage sprawl in the future.

NorthWest Crossing’s  vision and design is rooted in the landscape and urban fabric of Bend. Streets are designed to protect mature Ponderosa pines and are well-connected with the existing Bend street network. The neighborhood features a balance of jobs, housing types retail, schools, recreation, civic uses, parks and natural places. Residents benefit from homes built to Earth Advantage and ENERGY STAR standards, access to alternative transportation and amenities, such as a 59-plot community garden and an extensive trail system connecting to the National Forests west of Bend as well as the thriving Downtown Bend core.

“We hope people can learn from what we and other communities have experienced while trying to combat urban sprawl with new ideas and innovative visions. This book will help to highlight how we can all start to live and think sustainably when it comes to growth, and NorthWest Crossing was excited to be included as a case study,” said David Ford, general manager for the Bend, Oregon neighborhood.

About NorthWest Crossing
NorthWest Crossing is a mixed-use community on Bend’s west side which has won several national awards for its green building practices, as well as being a 2011 recipient of the Environmental Center’s Sustainability Award and 2010 Building a Better Central Oregon Award. West Bend Property Company LLC, a partnership of Brooks Resources Corporation and Tennant Family Limited Partnership, is developing the community. Both companies, based in Bend, have solid histories of commitment to thoughtful, quality real estate developments in Central Oregon. Their goal of creating a livable and sustainable community at NorthWest Crossing is rooted in their understanding and respect for the true essence of Bend and the Central Oregon lifestyle.

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