Bend, Oregon real estate company is honored for its role in helping to grow the area responsibly

The Central Oregon Builders’ Association (COBA) honored real estate development company Brooks Resources Corporation with its 2012 Developer of the Year at its annual Awards of Excellence gala earlier this month. The award was granted based on criteria such as the company’s vision for developing land for housing throughout Central Oregon and its forty-year-plus history contributing to the landscape of the region.

Brooks Resources was founding member of COBA 41 years ago, helping to lay the foundation for what COBA has become today,” said Tim Knopp, executive vice president of COBA. “With developments that have shaped Central Oregon – ranging from Black Butte Ranch to NorthWest Crossing – Brooks Resources commitment to our industry and our community is indisputable. This is their fourth COBA Excellence Award, and we were honored to present it to them.”

In the last year, Brooks Resources Corporation has continued work on award-winning neighborhoods like Bend’s NorthWest Crossing, a joint venture with Tennant Family Limited Partnership, as well as projects like North Rim on Awbrey Butte, IronHorse in Prineville and Yarrow in Madras. Designed to meet the needs of a diverse population, the company also takes special care to conserve natural surroundings around home sites and encourage positive, sustainable community growth.

Beyond its real estate projects, Brooks Resources also has a strong commitment to giving back to the community it calls home. To continue nurturing an active relationship with Central Oregon, the corporation formed the Bend Foundation, which supports education, arts and cultural institutions, parks and other endeavors with a minimum 3% of the company’s pre-tax profits each year. In addition, employees are encouraged to volunteer in the community and given paid time off each week to spend time doing charitable work. Brooks also has an employee matching contribution program whereby cash contributions made by employees to non-profit organizations are matched dollar-for-dollar by the company, up to $1000 annually.

Brooks Resources Corporation has a long history delivering quality real estate products and services in Central Oregon. With roots in the original 1916 Brooks-Scanlon lumber company that sparked a boom in Bend’s growth for the next half century, Brooks Resources is one of the oldest and most respected developers in the area.

About Brooks Resources Corporation
Brooks Resources Corporation, based in Bend, Oregon, is a real estate development company that delivers quality real estate products and services in Central Oregon. Offering a diverse choice of premier neighborhoods in Central Oregon, Brooks Resources Corporation is committed to the preservation of natural environment around home sites, positive growth of communities and an active relationship with the communities of Central Oregon.

Its current developments include North Rim on Awbrey Butte, IronHorse in Prineville, Yarrow in Madras and NorthWest Crossing (a joint venture with Tennant Family Limited Partnership). In addition it operates Mount Bachelor Village Resort, Botanical Developments and Brooks Resources Realty. For more information, visit

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