Bend, Oregon – Drake Design Group (DDG) and Botanical Developments, both affiliates of Brooks Resources Corporation, today announced that the North Rim Park project has been completed. The private park will serve residents of North Rim on Awbrey Butte with a tennis court, picnic seating area, open spaces and trails. Drake Design Group designed the park to match with the community’s architectural guidelines, which includes the incorporation of native landscaping.

“North Rim Park really showcases what we do best at Drake Design Group and Botanical Developments,” said Ron Kidder. “We specialize in working with the native plants and creating projects that really fit with the high desert environment. North Rim is committed to preserving the natural landscape of the area, and we feel that North Rim Park really epitomizes this goal in many ways.”

The park features native plantings and rock outcroppings, along with erosion control elements to help stabilize the area on which the project sits. An open round pavilion area sits on the edge of the park, overlooking the Cascade Mountain range and the Deschutes River.

The North Rim Park tennis court was designed and constructed by Cushion Courts of Oregon, which has patented its court building process using a recycled tire surface on asphalt. The recycled tire surface protects the court from the sun’s UV rays, keeping it from cracking, as well as providing a low impact surface for players. More information can be found by calling 541.550.0941 or emailing [email protected].

Visit the Botanical Developments website or Drake Design Group website for more information.

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