Bend, Oregon – NorthWest Crossing, Central Oregon’s largest mixed-use neighborhood, today announced that Breedlove Guitar Company has broken ground on the first industrial lot within the neighborhood’s newest light industrial district. The 20,000-square-foot, Scott Steele-designed building will house the company’s guitar manufacturing and customer service operations.

“After looking extensively throughout the Central Oregon region, and beyond, we came across NorthWest Crossing,” said Peter Newport, president of Breedlove Guitar Company. “We liked how the community itself really fits into our business model and the way we strive to deliver an extremely high quality of customer service. Giving our growing company room to expand in a location that allows many of us to walk and bike to work is really a dream come true for me.”

Because Breedlove often hosts customers in Bend, providing them with a complete vacation packages to enjoy all the area has to offer, the location was doubly important. Newport feels that being near all the cultural and recreational activities strengthens the impact of his company’s services as a whole.

“Breedlove Guitars is exactly the type of business that we were hoping to attract to our industrial properties,” said David Ford, general manager for the NorthWest Crossing. “Having a workforce-based business within the neighborhood helps fulfill our goals of living and working in the same community, cutting down on commute time and increasing quality of life.”

Breedlove Guitar Company’s current staff of 40 could expand to 60 in the near future. The new building’s first phase consists of 20,000 square feet, with 20,000 more square feet planned to accommodate future growth. The building features day-lighting and other features, like the planned use of indoor plants, to help contribute to an ideal guitar-building environment. A new showroom will allow customers to view the production area while selecting their woods.

NorthWest Crossing’s latest light industrial district, where Breedlove’s new building will be located, is just south of Summit High School. Four more lots are currently available for sale and six for build-to-suit by West Bend Property Company.

NorthWest Crossing is a mixed-use community on Bend’s west side which was selected as the 2006 Most Successful Development in Oregon by BUILDERnews magazine and was also a 2006 featured project by the Urban Land Institute. West Bend Property Company LLC, a partnership of Brooks Resources Corporation and Tennant Family Limited Partnership, is developing the community. Both companies, based in Bend, have solid histories of commitment to thoughtful, quality real estate developments in Central Oregon. Their goal of creating a livable and sustainable community at NorthWest Crossing is rooted in their understanding and respect for the true essence of Bend and the Central Oregon lifestyle. To find out more, visit the NorthWest Crossing real estate website.

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