Prineville, Oregon – IronHorse, a mixed-use community located in Prineville, Oregon, today announced that it has committed to two development-wide initiatives to further its goal of environmental stewardship and conservation. IronHorse will require all homes to be Earth Advantage-certified for energy efficiency, healthier indoor air and materials re-use. In addition, IronHorse requires the WeatherTRAK “Smart” Irrigation Controllers, which use satellite-based scheduling software and real-time weather forecast data to automatically adjust irrigation water application rates and times based on plant needs.

“As a company, Brooks Resources has always found creative ways to be sensitive to our high desert environment,” said Randy Jones, project manager for IronHorse. “Bringing this commitment to IronHorse and to the community of Prineville was always part of our plan, and we are excited to be able to start fulfilling our stewardship and conservation goals for IronHorse through such workable, proven and positive initiatives.”

In order to gain Earth Advantage certification, homes will be asked to comply in the following areas:

– Resource efficient building materials from framing to finish work, including the incorporation of recycled materials;
– Indoor air quality through the use of less toxic construction materials and floor coverings, plus air filtration systems and controlled fresh air integration;
– Environmentally responsible building practices may include the use of nature-scaping, less toxic outdoor wood, water efficiency and proper disposal of construction materials;
and – Energy efficiency through improved duct sealing, high efficiency windows and heating systems, efficient lighting and appliances, shade trees and other nature-scaping.

All homes in IronHorse will also be required to install WeatherTRAK systems, which provide weather-based irrigation management. The system’s smart controllers result in precise irrigation scheduling along with daily, real-time weather updates. It saves water by only providing plants and landscaping with the water they need at a given time. WeatherTRAK has been shown to reduce water usage by up to 59 percent in residential applications, thereby saving water and the customer’s money.

Jones continued, “Not only do these new requirements help lessen impact on the environment, but they also have important homeowner benefits. Homeowners in IronHorse can look forward to breathing healthier air, lowering overall energy costs and decreasing water bills. It’s a win-win.”

IronHorse, a mixed-use community located in Prineville, Oregon, has been designed as a natural extension of the existing historic area. This unique neighborhood brings together the very best of traditional neighborhood developments across the West, while recognizing the need for quality, environmental sensitive and self-supportive growth in Prineville. IronHorse includes a variety of residential housing options, plans for a public school site, a neighborhood commercial center, and more than 250 acres of parks and open spaces. IronHorse is being developed by Brooks Resources Corporation, a company known for its thoughtful, quality real estate developments in Central Oregon and its true dedication to the area’s heritage. Visit the IronHorse website for more information.

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