IronHorse today announced that Sun Forest, SunWest Builders and Viking Construction have purchased the initial lots in IronHorse, the new Brooks Resources Prineville development. These several lots make up the first three neighborhood “pods”, located near Hudspeth Road as it enters IronHorse, in which each will respectively build. Each company will be constructing a model home, with the first completed homes expected to be available in late spring.

“This marks a major stride toward making IronHorse ‘real’, both real on the ground and real for the folks who will live here soon,” said Randy Jones, project manager for IronHorse. “The bulk-purchase of lots by these three excellent, experienced companies is a clear indicator of the confidence they each have in IronHorse.”

All three builders have committed to a neighborhood production schedule, and to meet and respond to market demand, and the build-out of this initial area is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2007. Construction will begin on the lots this month.

Jones continued, “This step is certainly reflective of the optimism that all involved feel about the future of Prineville and IronHorse.”

Each builder is required to have several different facades and floor plans for its homes in order to maintain IronHorse’s commitment to architectural diversity. All have completed an initial architectural review process for their home designs. Having these builders begin several homes at once early in the development process helps to create visible streetscapes and neighborhoods within IronHorse, and form infrastructure and momentum for community amenities and connectivity.

IronHorse, a mixed-use community located in Prineville, Oregon, has been designed as a natural extension of the existing historic area. This unique neighborhood brings together the very best of traditional neighborhood developments across the West, while recognizing the need for quality, environmental sensitive and self-supportive growth in Prineville. IronHorse includes a variety of residential housing options, plans for a public school site, a neighborhood commercial center, and more than 250 acres of parks and open spaces. IronHorse is being developed by Brooks Resources Corporation, a company known for its thoughtful, quality real estate developments in Central Oregon and its true dedication to the area’s heritage. Visit the IronHorse website for more information.

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