Brooks Resources Corporation announced today that it has made its first contribution of 2006 to The North Rim Deschutes River Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) to improve stream flow and water quality in the Deschutes River Basin. It has awarded a percentage of total North Rim home sale revenue for the year, equaling $52,500.00. Last year, the company donated more than half a million dollars to the fund. This money will be spent on improving the health of the Deschutes River.

“For us, The North Rim Deschutes River Fund is just part of being good neighbors and caretakers of the land,” said Romy Mortensen, vice president of sales and marketing for Brooks Resources and project manager for North Rim. “When we decided to develop this unique piece of property it was important to us that we contribute to the environment that made it so special in the first place. The Deschutes River is truly the lifeline of this whole area and we hope this fund helps it stay healthy for years to come.”

The innovative model of philanthropy developed by North Rim and the OCF is premised on the donation of a percentage of all North Rim homesite sales dollars to The North Rim Deschutes River Fund at OCF. From the fund, charitable contributions will be used to improve the Deschutes River Basin. A board of directors, eventually comprised of individuals from the North Rim Homeowners Association, will consult and advise on the allocation of monies in the fund.

At the northern tip of Awbrey Butte inside the city limits of Bend, Oregon, lies the private and serene park-like setting for the community of North Rim Developed by Brooks Resources Corporation, this 200-acre community with minimum one-acre homesites will appeal to those who long for a quiet locale where nature and technology are uniquely blended. North Rim will maintain surroundings that blend into the natural landscape and preserve the unique character of the high desert, while simultaneously providing the first fiber optic connection to an entire residential community in Bend. The spectacular homeowners’ lodge, designed by renowned architect Thomas Hacker, is the focal point of the community, giving residents a special place to meet and relax. Residents will appreciate the stunning views and numerous trails that lead through the development to the Deschutes River and its extensive trail system. Visit the North Rim website for more information.

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